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Secure Your Workers' Compensation Rights

When you're hurt on the job, call us right away to have your workers' rights protected under the law. We’ll make sure that you are not forced to go back to work until you’re ready. It might also be a tough situation to sit at home wondering about how to pay for your medical bills. Don’t worry! With more than four decades of experience, David W. Saba Esq. Attorney At Law will be happy to fight for injured workers like you.

In a landmark decision in Feldman vs. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Dave Saba was the first attorney in Pennsylvania history to secure workers compensation benefits for a client who contracted Hepatitis C at work. 

Choose Us To Benefit From Workers' Compensation

Our highly experience attorney takes care of your case from start to end with attention to detail. Our procedure involves: 

• Listening to your story
• Reviewing the evidence
• Evaluating your case
• Aggressively pursuing benefits from your employer
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Rely on Dave Saba, a highly experienced workers' compensation lawyer to assist you in your case.
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